Campofrio Food Group Receives Marketing Award from Best Pack in Spain

Caleb Kramer is the managing director and European portfolio manager for Oaktree Capital Management. He also utilizes his investment experience for the Campofrio Food Group, SA, an international organization involved in the distribution of processed meat. In addition to serving on Campofrio’s board of directors, Caleb Kramer participates as a member of the organization’s Committee of Strategy and Investment.

With offices throughout Europe and America, Campofrio aims to provide its customers with delicious products that help promote healthy and enjoyable lifestyles. It operates with a mission of transforming the processed meat industry through innovation and customer satisfaction.

In April 2014, Campofrio was awarded the Special Marketing Excellence in the Best Pack during an awards ceremony that coincides with FOOD, the leading European trade food fair. Managed by three Spanish magazines, Best Pack recognizes companies for their marketing efforts in the food and beverage sector with awards in categories that include best branding, graphics, branded content, and consumer marketing. The judges for the 2014 Best Pack Awards included professionals and experts within the food and marketing industries. Campofrio received the Special Marketing Excellence award during a reception held in Barcelona, Spain.

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Philanthropy through the 5Point Film Festival’s Dream Project

Caleb Kramer has been active in the field of corporate investments for more than two decades, working with major firms such as Merrill Lynch & Co., Dillon Read & Co., and Archon Capital Partners. Currently, Caleb Kramer is a managing director with Oaktree Capital, a leading global alternative investment management firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

This past August, Oaktree Capital finalized plans to obtain a majority stake in Timbers Resorts, a Colorado-based developer specializing in luxury hotels and private resorts. In order to develop a vibrant and unique community, Timbers Resorts sponsors educational programs such as the 5Point Film Festival’s Dream Project.

Now in its third year, the 5Point Dream Project was developed around the organization’s five core philosophies of respect, commitment, humility, purpose, and balance. With the financial support of Timbers Resorts, the Dream Project provides a $1,500 scholarship to high school students who exemplify these core principles, enabling them to pursue their dreams and challenge themselves with life-changing opportunities. Past recipients of the scholarship have pursued diverse interests, including embarking on a cultural awareness trip to Laos, creating a photo collage of the Thompson Divide, and supporting charitable volunteer efforts in Sao Paolo.

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Oaktree Capital Management – Distressed Debt

Alternative investment professional Caleb Kramer is the managing director of Oaktree Capital Management. Caleb Kramer oversees distress-for-control and special situations private equity for the company’s European portfolio.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Oaktree Capital Management has offices across the nation, as well as divisions in Europe and Asia. The company manages investment portfolios and particularly focuses on less efficient markets and alternative investments. The firm works with asset classes ranging from corporate debt to listed equities. As of June 30, 2014, Oaktree Capital Management manages more than $91 million in assets.

Among the areas Oaktree invests in is distressed debt. The firm seeks out companies that are financially struggling and are overleveraged and purchases them at a bargain. Oaktree then assumes a leadership role in the business and begins the restructuring process. As a result, the once struggling business becomes financially viable and, therefore, a sound investment that helps create revenue for Oaktree.

For more information about distressed debt, visit

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Private Equity Investment Basics

The managing director for Oaktree Capital, Caleb Kramer serves as the European portfolio manager, focused on private equity transactions and distress-for-control investments. Caleb Kramer is also the cofounder of Seneca Capital Partners, LLC, a private equity investment firm.

Private equity, equity that is neither traded nor listed publicly, is comprised primarily of pension funds or large private equity firms due to the sizable amount of capital required. Leveraged buyouts and venture capital investments are the most common types of private equity investments. Venture capital investments usually involve newer industries and companies, as firms invest in low-performing companies with the intent of guiding, or sometimes directly managing, toward better position and value in the industry. Leveraged buyouts, by contrast, involve a much smaller investment by private equity firms, with the rest of the purchase price coming from debt collateralized by the firm. The company then becomes collateral for the firm.

Both types of private equity investments are long term, many for at least 10 years, as companies have their inefficiencies streamlined and management and operations improve, maximizing the potential return for private equity firms.

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Oaktree Capital Management’s Investment Portfolio

An investment professional, Caleb Kramer has been in the industry for more than two decades. In 2000, Caleb Kramer joined Oaktree Capital Management, LP, as the firm’s managing director of European principal investments strategy.

Established in 1995, Oaktree Capital Management, LP was built on global alternative investment strategies. With more than 800 employees worldwide, the company and its team focus on its core investment philosophy and business principles that include excellence in investing, a collaborative and cooperative culture, commonalty of interest with clients, and a disciplined, opportunistic approach to the expansion of offerings.

In particular, Oaktree Capital Management is heavily involved in less efficient markets and alternative investments. The company invests in corporate debt, convertible securities, distressed debt, control investing, real estate, and listed equities. As of June of 2014, corporate debt makes up nearly 40 percent of the company’s total assets of more than $91 billion. Distressed debt and control investing follow at 24 percent and 15 percent, respectively.

To learn more about Oaktree Capital Management, visit

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Oaktree Capital Group Is Set to Acquire Highstar Capital

An alumnus of the University of Virginia, Caleb Kramer possesses more than two decades of investment experience. He has served multiple organizations, including Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc., and Archon Capital Partners. In 2000, Caleb Kramer joined Oaktree Capital Group LLC.

In June of 2014, Oaktree Capital Group announced its deal to acquire Highstar Capital. This is the first key acquisition since the firm went public in 2012. Oaktree Capital Group is known for investing in companies that supply products and services for supporting energy and utility infrastructures. The acquisition of Highstar Capital will complement the company’s existing portfolio, as Highstar invests in the physical structures that supply energy and utilities.

The deal, which is expected to close during the third quarter of the year, will result in Oaktree Capital Group absorbing $2.3 billion in Highstar Fund IV. The company will use the talents of Ian Schapiro, Oaktree’s head of power opportunities’ strategy, to lead the integration of Highstar’s 18-member team. The fund is expected to perform exceedingly well based on its longer-term investment strategy.

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The Resurgence of Countrywide PLC

Caleb Kramer brings considerable experience in investment management to his role as managing director of Oaktree Capital Group. Mr. Kramer joined Oaktree in 2000. Before this, he co-founded Seneca Capital Partners, LLC. Subsequently, Caleb Kramer oversaw Oaktree Capital Group’s acquisition of a majority share in the major United Kingdom real estate agency, Countrywide PLC.

With approximately 10,500 employees throughout the United Kingdom, Countrywide PLC is presently the largest estate agency group in the nation. The company was established in 1986. After two decades, Countrywide was acquired by the private equity firm, Apollo Management, and de-listed from the London Stock Exchange. In subsequent years, other investors bought in and helped to turn around the ailing real estate company.

From 2007 to 2013, Countrywide achieved stability and, in the process, acquired other firms. They included UK Sotheby’s International Realty; Hamptons International; Blundells; and Mortgage Intelligence, one of the UK’s biggest mortgage distributors. Countrywide was re-admitted to the London Stock Exchange in 2013.

Today, Countrywide is the recipient of numerous industry awards. Within the last six years, the company has received more than 180 accolades, among them the RESI 2014 Letting Agency of the Year award and the ESTAS 2014 Best Large Chain award.

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