Oaktree Capital Group Is Set to Acquire Highstar Capital

An alumnus of the University of Virginia, Caleb Kramer possesses more than two decades of investment experience. He has served multiple organizations, including Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc., and Archon Capital Partners. In 2000, Caleb Kramer joined Oaktree Capital Group LLC.

In June of 2014, Oaktree Capital Group announced its deal to acquire Highstar Capital. This is the first key acquisition since the firm went public in 2012. Oaktree Capital Group is known for investing in companies that supply products and services for supporting energy and utility infrastructures. The acquisition of Highstar Capital will complement the company’s existing portfolio, as Highstar invests in the physical structures that supply energy and utilities.

The deal, which is expected to close during the third quarter of the year, will result in Oaktree Capital Group absorbing $2.3 billion in Highstar Fund IV. The company will use the talents of Ian Schapiro, Oaktree’s head of power opportunities’ strategy, to lead the integration of Highstar’s 18-member team. The fund is expected to perform exceedingly well based on its longer-term investment strategy.

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