Oaktree Capital Management – Distressed Debt

Alternative investment professional Caleb Kramer is the managing director of Oaktree Capital Management. Caleb Kramer oversees distress-for-control and special situations private equity for the company’s European portfolio.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Oaktree Capital Management has offices across the nation, as well as divisions in Europe and Asia. The company manages investment portfolios and particularly focuses on less efficient markets and alternative investments. The firm works with asset classes ranging from corporate debt to listed equities. As of June 30, 2014, Oaktree Capital Management manages more than $91 million in assets.

Among the areas Oaktree invests in is distressed debt. The firm seeks out companies that are financially struggling and are overleveraged and purchases them at a bargain. Oaktree then assumes a leadership role in the business and begins the restructuring process. As a result, the once struggling business becomes financially viable and, therefore, a sound investment that helps create revenue for Oaktree.

For more information about distressed debt, visit OaktreeCapital.com.

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